Doing 40… my way


Most of those I graduated with are turning 40. Right now (seriously… my friend’s birthday is today-Happy Birthday L!). I was a grade level ahead which in high school seemed like a curse.  Everyone did EVERYTHING before I did.  Now,  I have a bit of poetic justice. I’m still 38. 🙂 I’ll be 39 very soon but nonetheless I have a full year to bask in my thirties.
Well, sort of.

The truth is that I feel that I have been transitioning into this new phase of my life for some time. I am actually pretty darn excited.

In line with my ‘always evolving’ attitude I decided to add another blog to my arsenal. This one has a very specific purpose and although it is about based on my personal transition into being a full-fledged grown up, my goal for it to take on a life of its own.

“let us start a revolution
change this world
to what it should be
and forget all this confusion”  

from Give A Lil’l Love by Bob Sinclair

Now revolution might be a bit of a strong term but my goal is definitely to start something!

Take a look at a bit of the letter I wrote to a few friends on Facebook hoping  they’d join in on the fun:


I’ve been thinking about how to knock 40 out of the park for a really long time. I knew I didn’t want to do a regular party or dinner…I wanted it to be special. 

I have learned  a lot in the last 10 years. My health challenges, becoming a trainer, losing my mom and grandparents; it has been a decade of tremendous growth. The greatest gift of my thirties has been amazing friends who brought their talents and experiences into my world. I am who I am because of who YOU are. I have the best friends a girl could want!!!

So… I’ve decided what I want for my birthday and it involves you. I want to start a movement. Before you decide that I am nuts (which has already been determined anyway :)) hear me out. 

He’s how it is going to go on my end:

Soon I will add a  personal blog called  “400 days until 40”. I will chronicle 400 days until my 40th birthday beginning December 26th. Not necessarily every day (you know me) but often. 

I am going to create a FB page with the same title. The goal of the page is to provide information and support to others in active and passive ways. 

The blog and page will provide guidance for people who want to create major change in their life and in the lives of others.  I hope to create a community bound together by this desire. 

I am coming to you because there is no way I can do this alone. I have seen a passion to improve yourself and help others in every single one of you. Why not pull that energy together and make something big?  Our collective effort toward healing the world. 

I do not want this to be a burden in any way. I want this to simply be an intentional expression of who you are and what you see as your God-given purpose. 

Every single one of them agreed. I knew they would. That’s why I picked ’em. :0)

Seriously… you are about meet some amazing people.  Introductions are coming!

In the meantime, subscribe to the Facebook page (REALLY important) and “follow” the blog (look for the follow button in the top left side of this page-SUPER important).   I promise it will be worth it.

So… Let the games begin!


4 thoughts on “Doing 40… my way

  1. lwestbro

    Thanks for the shout out! So this is a great little reminder of something I need to be doing. After spending most of the past 4 years pregnant, nursing, and sleepless, I think it’s time to get back to exercising. We just moved into an apartment building with a gym, and both my husband and I have been trying to figure out how to get back to exercising. Whew. Ok. I’m in.

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