Resolution Run 2012 Race Report


Here I am.  Submitting my report like a good little racer.  Apparently this is something serious runners/bloggers do… which I guess explains exactly why I don’t do it.

Let me go ahead and tell you that my account is most appropriate for folks like me.  Those who are more concerned about their playlist then their splits.  Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

The race was sponsored by the Atlanta Track Club (I am a card carrying member btw) and took place in Kennesaw. I don’t typically look at courses before I run (why look at the needle before the shot?) but if you run in the ATL you know Atlanta= hills.  Kennesaw=big a**hills.  I had an idea what I was in for.

Now here is the sweet thing about this race:

It started at 11:00 a.m.

This is major under any circumstance because races typically start around 8:00am.  Add two appletinis and a  3:00a.m. bed time and it becomes a game changer.  Happy New Year to me.

It was definitely a family affair with a toddler dash and a 1 mile fun run.  My princess ran the 1 mile.

"We're going for a PR in this race. " Ha! Good one Mom!

Silly girl. Just like her momma. 😉

Those were really cute races to watch. Toddlers scared out of their mind by all the crazed cheering.  Poor babies.

The race was very well-organized. Parking was very convenient and all of the races started on time.

I see porta potties as a test of  mental fortitude.  There is no way around using one when you race so I have learned to make it a part of my experience. And what an experience!  The worst was the Savannah RnR in which I had to pop a squat completely in the dark. It was smelly and damp. So very gross.  However, I have been to races that seem to give the toilet situation a lot of consideration. Some have volunteer attendants. I literally love those people.  They are usually so very pleasant about it too. I wouldn’t be. I promise.

As I mentioned, I had no idea what to expect with the course. They staggered the 5k and 10k start times by 10 minutes. I ran the 5k course and the guys ran the 10k.  I found the beginning of the course to be fairly challenging.  I made it past the slow movers just in time to climb a long, somewhat steep, hill.  Each mile was clearly marked with a clock.  Very helpful.  After a nice downhill recovery, the rest was rolling hills. All quite do-able for me.  Challenging but not crazy.  The scenery was blah.  Industrial, hotels, and apartments. Nothing to write home about.

The course was a loop which I prefer over an out and back during races. There were plenty of cops and volunteers around to keep everything safe (why do cars try to dart through racers?).

Food was decent. Nothing beats the mimosa I got at the Atlanta Women’s Race last year.  They were not stingy with the bagels. I have been to races where they give you a quarter of a bagel. This makes me think of saying “Dude, did somebody mention we just ran our arses off out there? Can a sister get at least a half?”  I also have to mention that they had gloved attendants passing out food. Letting sweaty runners plunder through a bagel box makes me angry.  Not good when I’m hungry. Water and Powerade was plentiful. There were also individual bags of  pretzels and a new bar called Eat. Think. Smile.. I ate. I think I smiled a little.

Weather in a word: PERFECT. Atlanta is quite unpredictable this time of year but today was great for running.  Around 60 degrees and a slight overcast.

My personal race highlights:

Watching the children race.

Meeting a seasoned runner who ran his first race in the 65-69 age group. He came in third in his division with a time of about 46 minutes.  Inspiring.

Running the race along with a POW.  My husband spoke to him in some secret military code. I was content admiring him from afar.

Seeing all the runners and volunteers with Back On My Feet.  I introduced myself to  the local organizer. And…I offered all of you as potential volunteers. Yup. I told her I know amazing people who would love to get involved. I  sure did. More to come.

Racing with my family. It can be difficult to find a level playing field while raising teens. We are at our best when we do things just like this.

That's my boy. Get ready to run in dress socks. I bet the girls love that!

I  enjoyed this race and will definitely do it again. It won’t make me behave next holiday season but at least I’ll pay for it properly.  Just like I did growing up.  Sunday mornings  after hanging with my friends the night before…to Mount Olive Holiness Church I went!


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