Clean as A Whistle- My customized cleanse (part 2)


Here are the supplements I am using for my cleanse. I am including pictures because I am very visual. I might not remember a name but I rarely forget a face. 😉

Organic Psyllium Husk Powder

This is a form of fiber and is the foundation of my cleanse. Not all psyllium husk is created equal. This particular one has 7 grams of fiber (6 soluble) which means that it is quite dense and packs a punch. It is also organic. I paid $9.99 for mine at Bill Stanton’s .

ParaFree by Herbal Formula

The purpose of this product is to kill instestinal parasites. I have not used this particular product before but I have used similar ones.  *WARNING*  People have been horrified at what they leave behind so to speak.  It can be disturbing. But what is more disturbing… having them in and alive or out and dead? If the suspense is killing you, google: worms colon cleanse and click ‘images’. People actually take pictures of this stuff!

Great Plains bentonite clay

This is a brand new addition to my arsenal. Bill Stanton swears by it. Apparently it not only gets things moving it actually helps maintain/restore positive nutrients in the gut.  Author Perry A. describes its effects in her book, Living Clay:

The process by which substances are absorbed or adsorbed is through their electrical ionic charge. If you remember when you were young and played w/ horseshoe magnets, when the like poles are placed together they repel each other. When you placed opposite poles together – negative to positive-they actually pulled toward each other and stuck together. 
The ionic charge of pure, natural calcium Bentonite Clay is negative. This unique clay adsorbs and absorbs positive charged ions in a similar fashion. Most everything that attacks our bodies-bacteria,virals,fungi,diseases,toxic chemicals,etc.,-is of a positive ionic charge…when we apply or consume clay…its only function is to draw to itself positive charged molecules,which it holds like a magnet…Calcium Bentonite Clay literally removes positively charged molecules that attack our bodies…” 

Works for me. I’m giving it a shot.

Bill instructed me to mix the clay, psyllium and two dropper full of the parafree in a large glass of water. It is to be consumed quickly (the psyllium gels very fast) and between meals (I’ll give it at least 2hours). Once a day.  I will start with a teaspoon of both the clay and the psyllium and work myself up to one tablespoon of each by the end of the cleanse.  I will also increase my daily water intake big time.

Getting ready….What’s your plan?


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