Thirty-nine and I feel Fine!


I started my cleanse with the best of intentions.

I intended to keep notes and share my experience (the good, the bad, and the gross) with whomever was interested.  Well… life got a little hectic last week and I decided to simply live it instead of trying to report on it.

The cleanse went well. I followed every day as planned; even doing more juicing and raw eating then I originally expected. I tease an awful lot about my sinful eating but the truth is I am a very conscious eater. I cook healthy meals for my family and fast food is (generally speaking) a  no-no.  That plus my attention on exercise keeps me in a pretty balanced place.  So, although my body reeaallly appreciated the break and the focused attention, I don’t have anything extreme to report.  Good news in my book. 🙂

In the meantime….

I turned 39.

I ended my cleanse officially with a cupcake. Not just any ole’ cupcake but a strawberry cupcake from Cupiche. My friend, Tricia, and her cousin started their cupcake company and I was eager to support her. Okay… I’m kidding no one. I get weak in the knees over homemade goods.  Regardless of my original motivation, those four bites of deliciousness created a reverent avenue back to the world of solid foods.

I spent my birthday as I chose with my family first and then with my friends. My kids were fantastic. We had breakfast as a family and they made me a really great basket full of all my favorite goodies:

I had a little chocolate and a couple (handfuls) of mini gummy  bears (who knew?) and made a promised to pace myself.  Again, great intentions but I can guarantee this: if it gets ugly, I will start giving it away to whomever is nearby. The kids know this…so the gift was somewhat self-serving. Ha!

Jay gave me a pre-and post race massage. Pre-massage is booked at Natural Body Spa. Post massage…well it depends on how I feel about the pre-massage.  The man knows me. I appreciate the babbling waterfall and aromatherapy at NB but there are not enough essential oils on the planet to mask a bad massage.  With all my auto-immune stuff, I deal with a bit of joint pain. I need someone who isn’t afraid to work out my knots.  I’m sure he’s warned them about me and made a request for someone with a name like Helga.

One last thing:

I am very happy how my 400 days Until 40 are going.  I’ve managed to pull a few folks along for the ride and we have been sharing our experiences. Several of us are running in the Atlanta Women’s 5k together.  This is particularly exciting because we have several first time runners!  I am loving our Facebook dialog and the conversations I have had with those who have reached out to me personally.  Our goals may not be exactly the same but the desire to live our lives on purpose is!


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