Sugar, Oh Honey Honey


Shortly after my last post life got just a little crazy.

I finally scheduled a medical/nutritional evaluation that I had been avoiding for some time and received some sobering feedback. Bottom line, another couple of layers were added  to my health care regime: a heck of a lot of nutritionals to give my immune system a boost and oh, I almost forgot.  No freakin’ sugar.  In addition to to my commitment to homemade meals, organic/local eating, limiting gluten, balanced nutrition… I have to give up my beloved chocolate.

I took a deep breathe, negotiated to keep my wine and coffee (organic, fair trade, and sulfite free ofcourse); and walked out determined to make it work. I knew my life, at least as I know it, depended on it.  This was on a Thursday so I asked for the weekend to let things settle a bit.  For me that meant I opened up the cabinet and let the Nutella flow in.

That Monday I got focused.  I needed to pull away from as many distractions as possible.  But life continues and a lot has happened. I managed to complete my training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon (without sugar=very hard). Soccer season is in full swing for the fam which means 5 teams with 8 games a week to fit in between two very thinly spread parents.  And…my first born turned 18. Still adjusting to that one.


When did this happen?

So why did I return to blogging today? Quite simply, I was ready to share again. I’ve been in a somewhat meditative state for the last six weeks limiting my contact with the outside world. Besides, I don’t like to talk about my problems until I have them somewhat figured out.  I will share more about my break-up with sugar but in the meantime,  here is a great article that may have you reconsidering your jelly beans this Easter.

Whenever I give my spirit the attention it deserves, amazing things happen. My soul-sisters have metephorically linked arms in protection around me.

Dawn and I went to Je Ju spa.

*side note* If you live within driving distance you must go. You will thank me.  Get the body scrub but be forewarned: at some point you will have a small Korean lady straddling your back… all is fair in health right?


Helen and Dawn- two of my soul sisters

Helen hosted a luncheon and invited women who share a passion for optimizing their health. We had amazing dialoug about everything from Helen’s secrets to longevity to how to create a budget friendly, nutritionally sound eating plan for your family. Good times.


just a bit of our spread:)

Jamie and I have founds ways to support each other despite being oceans apart. She always appears when I need her. She and Dawn have taken this sugar battle on as well. Cause that’s how we roll.

Several of my friendships have deepened in the last several weeks. I have also had a steady stream of emails/text/phone calls from women seeking advice or support in improving their health. I consider wellness my minisitry and my health challenges my testimony.I do not have time  to feel sorry for myself.

On my run today, I was struck with how blessed I feel. During my meditation, I allowed my heart to open completely.

I wake every morning with a desire to get it right and God gives me that chance all over again…every single day. So today it was all about gratitude.

I am grateful for the journey.


P.S. I also discovered Pinterest. It’s on and poppin’!


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