Feeding Hungry Boys


Quick health update:

My recovery from my last auto-immune flare has been bumpy (complete with a flare to the flare-lol)  but I’m getting there!  I got a HUGE boost last week when I ran into a dear friend at Crossfit that I haven’t seen in years. It was one of those drag your butt out of bed type of days… thank you God for obedience!

Ngozi and I met at Gold’s (my first ‘gym’ job). It did not take me long to realize two things: 1) working in a testosterone driven environment was not for me and 2) Ngozi was one bad-a** mother runner!  She was pregnant and had a young daughter who accompanied her to the gym. Oh, and she looked like she could jump hurdles on the spot.  An Olympian originally from Zambia,  her commitment to her fitness, family, and her clients is apparent; she makes no apologies for having it all. 🙂

I instantly loved her and still do!


A collage I made of our reunion. Good times!

The school year has started and with it a huge change:

My oldest has left for college and I am still wrapping my head around that!

What hasn’t changed is my focus on what my kiddos eat.

They eat a lot and they eat often. My grocery bill is ridiculous. All play soccer on competitive teams practicing as much as  2 hours a day with up to three games on the weekends.

The boys have struggled with me in the past about food. I have never allowed much for fast food, soft drinks, or candy which goes over like a lead balloon with teenagers. As soon my oldest started driving I began seeing evidence that they were ‘cheating’ at QuickTrip.  No worries, the pimples and sluggish performance that followed is bringing them back to me. 🙂 They each ASKED ME for a meal plan to help them structure their eating. WHOA!  One might not think that this is a big deal; I mean, I do study food for a living.  One would assume a child would trust their professional parent within their area of speciality.  Not teenagers. At least not mine.   This is a major victory!

Below is the email I sent them outlining the plan. I tried to keep it simple and based it on items I stock most. Darsi has been great about following it (it’s been about four weeks) and has even decided to take his lunch to school.  I think that is huge for a high school boy. Things are a little more difficult for Malik; he has less control over his eating now that he is in college (I like to think he is missing my quinoa cakes right about now). However, I  sent him with a ton of tuna, peanut butter, fish oil capsules and Juice Plus for his dorm room.  He gave up soft drinks on his own last Spring and can eat his body weight in salad so I am hopeful! 🙂

My boys while surfing in California







Here ya go boys:

Note: that you need to eat a protein along with your carbs with an emphasis on complex carbs (whole grains) and good fats.  Please rotate your choices.

Breakfast (before 10am)
choose one:
oatmeal+ banana + half bagel
whole grain cereal + soy/almond milk + a banana
apple, bagel, peanut butter
3 eggs (no cheese) with chopped veggies and  toast or bagel

Snack (between 11-12)

piece of fruit with a cheese stick
piece of fruit with peanut butter
piece of fruit with yogurt
whole grain cracker +cheese stick
handful nuts +fruit
protein drink

Lunch (between 1-2):
pasta + tomato sauce
tuna sandwich + half avocado
grilled cheese +tomato  or tomato soup
3 eggs (no cheese) with chopped veggies and toast or bagel
sliced turkey or chicken sandwich with cheese lettuce and tomato + half avocado

Snack ( between 3-5 see list above)


Darsi, I’ll take care of this

Malik, when at school try to eat by 7:30 if possible. Choose a combo of carbs (potato, pasta, rice) + protein (fish, chicken, lean beef)   and a salad or steamed veggies.

A couple of rules :
Eggs no more than once a week
No more than one meal involving cheese a day
No more than one snack involving cheese a day
a different snack at the two different snack times; do not repeat snacks
no junk food!

house rules:
i will buy everything on this list every week. please respect each other and the household when choosing serving sizes.
clean up immediately after eating. This includes putting plates away and closing the bread. If you do not have time to put it away, eat something that creates less work for you.
tuna cans have to go immediately outside.

Feeding an athlete? What are your tips?


2 thoughts on “Feeding Hungry Boys

  1. Ryley

    Sad but true…I always tease Eric that he works in a giant snack bar. 😦 Like the food plan…going to try and incorporate it for my boys as well. Especially Xay.

  2. Oops… forgot QT pays the bills for you guys! Seriously, no bust on QT I love the place. Lots of gas pumps, friendly folks…. I do a drive by at least once a week at $90 a pop with my Yukon XL. 🙂

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