Rainy days and Mondays


I have mixed feelings about today’s rain. I welcome the break from soccer but the rain makes everything else harder. Especially since I decided to spend my afternoon doing what I hate most… reeling in my finances. I pride myself in being a spend-thrift. I’m pretty frugal. However, I am not very disciplined when it comes to budgeting and structure. We can’t be all things…I guess I save my discipline for the gym.

So after spending a fretful few hours coming to terms with my excess (and huge medical bills) I set out in the rain to settle up. First stop: ending a very dysfunctional relationship at Chase bank. Remember Washington Mutual? I do. Everyone was nice and friendly..really cheery. Then along came big box bank Chase and away went my free checking. Boo! I was left with a $12 monthly fee to process my insurance and gym membership payments. No bueno. Here’s what’s sad: I tolerated this abuse for over a year! So today I was ready to get my money and give Chase the finger (not really but you know now it is once you wake up from being screwed).

Once I got dressed another reason to dread rainy days surfaced: MY HAIR.

This was me last week once I kinda mastered the art of co-washing.

I know I seem a little to giddy over a hairstyle but after months of ups and downs having my hair do what I request of it was monumental. I was on a hair high all week! I even came across an Afropunzel with a ‘fro the color of mine.

Rain, rain go away!

So back to the bandana I go. It’s all good though. I need to look like Queen Latifah in “Set it Off” anyway. Don’t want them trying to get me to stay or anything. When I pull up to the bank I start grinning. This day is a long time coming. On top of it, I had a savings account there I had forgotten about. Can you say found money?

I think the customer sales rep mistook my grin for a pleasant disposition. Or maybe he was evolved enough to see past my momentary ‘tude and could see my spirit. After routine pleasantries he looked me dead in the eyes and said “I need you to pray for me.” Now I had never met this man but in that moment our spirits connected like old friends.

I take matters of the spirit very seriously. A few weeks ago I had a series of clairvoyant experiences that left me too exhausted to even write about them. God’s business always gets my full attention.

I leaned forward and gently asked what I needed to pray for specifically.

Here is Muhammad’s story.

He finished medical school in 2010. Later that year he was in a fire and was disfigured requiring multiple surgeries (he pulled up his sleeve to show me the scars). He took his exam and did not pass. His father had a stroke right at the point in which he retook the exam. Another bad result. Third time he missed the test by one question. He had just met his wife and gotten married.

He went on to tell me that he hopes to be a pediatric oncologist. Now I’m generally not a big fan of conventional medicine but you got to be made of some tough stuff to treat really sick kids. When I expressed that to him his reply was “It is what I am called to do.” Understood.

His test is in exactly four weeks. He works at the bank to support his family and then studies from 7pm until 1 am every evening. He has $450,000 in student loan debt and it costs $1,000 every time he has to take the test.

After we finished my transaction, he asked me again for my prayers. Now I must emphasize that I truly looked homeless…possibly even criminal. One might easily assume that I was the one in need of prayer. But that is not he saw. He might be an immigrant. Maybe even Muslim. That’s not what I saw. Not that I care. No need for dogma or labels when God is involved. Namaste.

I told him I would put out a public request for prayer. To that he said,

“I love you.”

Best Monday in a long time.



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