A Heart Full of Thanks


On Thanksgiving morning I woke to a view of the Ocean. I was thankful to be in my hometown sharing the holiday with my family. It was the first trip we’ve taken since Malik went to college. It was a whirlwind of updates and catching up.  The reality of having a co-ed kid is sobering.

Malik is a very social kid and has made a lot of connections. Perhaps his closest new friend is a young man named Brock.  I met Brock a couple of months ago after I took Malik on a Costco run. He came downstairs to help get the loot.  This is was our introduction:

Malik: Brock have you met my mom?

Brock: Mom? Wow. I was thinking sister but okay, nice to meet you Mom.

Instant love. 🙂

Later Malik brought Brock on a quick visit home… the two seem pretty inseparable.  They play on the school’s soccer team together and traveled quite a bit this Fall.  My conversations with Malik were often about the ups and downs of college life… many stories involving Brock. The girls they are dating… why Brock moved into his dorm room in mid November (long story involving disturbing realities of college life)…. oh and “Mom, did I tell you Brock had a heart transplant?”

Yes, he mentioned this major detail as an aside in a miscellaneous conversation. Wow.

Of course I had a ton of questions.

The sum total of Malik’s answers were: He’s living his life Ma. 

As well we all should.  Really the only difference between Brock and any of us is awareness. At a very young age he knows of how important it is to live a life that fully reflects who you are.  At all times.

Here is a Thanksgiving article written about Brock.  I am thankful Malik has made a bond with such a wonderful young man.

Brock and his brother


2 thoughts on “A Heart Full of Thanks

  1. Lisa G.

    i once loved a young man named Matt that learned a similar lesson. unfortunately technology hadn’t caught up with his needs and at 19 he left us. the Brocks and Matts of this world are truly inspiring and i’m grateful for every day they receive to live & love & learn with us.

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