The Hugest Marathon Hump Ever


I am half way through my marathon training!

I’ve been pretty quiet about it. I’ve been pretty uncertain about the whole shebang until today. Don’t get me wrong, I was committed to seeing it thru. However,  I am not a whiner and I assure you any post I would have written before today would have been one big crybaby fest.

The first couple of weeks went just fine. I’d been running pretty consistently 15-20 miles a week since my last half marathon.  It wasn’t until week 4 that things got a little squirrely.  It was Ironman week and I had to run  in Florida while supporting the hubster.   I ran 9 miles on accident instead of the 8 on my plan. Really 9.5 because I got lost. On top of it I had to drive the kiddos back home that very same day. My inflamed prone body cried uncle and I ended up in bed on Monday.  So went the trend the next few weeks:

Week 5: Saturday night I went to see Madonna with two girlfriends. Nothing crazy but I don’t think you can consider Sorel+ vodka proper hydration in any quantity.  Ran 10 miles on Sunday. In bed all day Monday.

Week 6: Thanksgiving in Savannah. Enough said.  No regrets but there is a reason I only do that once a year. Traveled all day Sunday. Ran on Monday. In bed all day Tuesday.

Although I could explain away most of my woes to less than race focused decisions, the truth is my body requires a more delicate balance then the average rookie. So back to the drawing board I went.  And I called in my husband in for reinforcement.

Yesterday’s run was glorious. I knew it was going to be at mile 1.5 when I realized that my typical #IhatethisIneedtogetmyheadexaminedthissucks  first 3 mile speech was not playing  in HD quality in my head.

I hesitated to write about it yesterday because as you might have noticed above, the day after the run is when the magic happens. 🙂

So today, I woke up without wincing. I was able to function like normal. Of course I’m sore. Running 14 miles has that effect. But nothing like I’ve been experiencing.

Dare I say it?

I think I’ve figured it out.

This Girl Is On Fire

This Girl Is On Fire!

So what’s my mojo? I think I’ll reveal details a bit at a time. It took me seven weeks to get it together. I promise it won’t take me that long to share.

Here are the components I’ll discuss in later posts:

1) staying true to the training

2)proper rest (not as easy as it sounds)

3) hydration (see #2)

4) nutrition (my achilles heel)

There are also some minor details that I think make all the difference. I’ll cover them real soon as well.

Here’s a recap of my glorious run:

Mile 0- I realized that I left the Aleve I intended to take at home on the armchair of the recliner. I hate taking drugs but I woke up with serious lower back plan. It was give up on the run or take the drugs.

Or so I thought.

I quickly realized that my back felt a lot better.

Let’s go.

Mile 1.5- Realized the above mentioned speech was absent. The weather is perfect, I’m breathing good.

Mile 3- A group of artist had hung origami in a section of trees on the trail. They also had wrapped butcher paper around trees so children passing by could stop and paint. I am reminded that God loves us and wants us to be happy. This is moment is heaven on Earth.

Mile 4.7- The unleashed dog that got in my path did not piss me off. This is major. Actually, I don’t get mad at the dogs, it’s the inconsiderate owners that chafe my hide.

Mile 7- I saw an Indian couple walking hand in hand wearing t-shirts with a red, yellow, and green graphic design of the continent of Africa and the word ‘sankofa’ written under it. Special meaning for me and I loved everything about that scene.

Mile 9- An older man gave me a huge smile and a thumbs up. India Arie’s “There’s Hope” was playing on my iPod. Perfect.

Mile 11- Not sure how I missed the cluster of sand nats (what in the heck are sand nats doing hanging around in December???)  in my path but I ingested about a half-dozen. This would normally totally freak me out. It didn’t. Huge growth in the not sweating the small stuff department.

Mile 13- I noticed two sips into my last canteen that there was mysterious black particles floating in it.  Given that the nats didn’t make me hurl, this surely should have.  Nope. I was just happy I made it to the end without noticing. I also realized that the Universe was paying me back for making fun of my client’s similar experience the day before.  God has a serious sense of humor.

Mile 14- Done. A little nauseous but otherwise feeling good.  I drove 40 minutes home took a quick shower and headed off to my middle son’s championship soccer game 30 miles in the opposite direction. His first game back since his concussion three weeks ago.  He played great. They won.  And I lived to tell all about it. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Hugest Marathon Hump Ever

  1. Thanks Trainer Mommie for mentioning my blog post “The Lady Runners of the 1976 Honolulu Marathon.” Keep it up, you’re doing great and it’ll all be worth it when you cross that 26.2 mile finish line. Donna

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