Trusting the Training


My health humbles me and helps me put my ego in check.  Starting this marathon training after an auto immune flare has had a tremendous effect on my mindset.  I started with no specific goals.   Things like race pace, splits, and finishing time were not even on my radar. I was just happy to be able to run again.

My friend Dawn (who is running this race with me) found the running plan I am using.  The focus is on building miles on your long run days and maintaining your runs with properly spaced runs during the week. And lots of rest (compared to other training plans I’ve seen).  There are no hill repeats or speed work days. Much different then my previous half marathon plan.

So I do not add extra miles because I feel like I can that day. I know that sounds crazy but that is something I might have done a year ago. I now understand that training is a longterm process. It is not about what I think I can do on any given day; it is about allowing my body to adjust to the new standard I’ve set. Gradually. This is where lasting strength gains are found.

It’s also about practical faith. I practice my faith every single day through my training. I believe that through God all things are possible. I trust his guidance. When I first saw this plan it resignated deep. I thought: with this plan I will finish and  I will finish without injury.  I also know that faith requires work.  Everything hinges on my effort and obedience.

Effort is never a problem for me but it takes the hubster to tell you about my struggles with obedience.  I have had to learn to respect my rest days. They are just as important to the training as my long run.  The body needs time to integrate the gains made on effort days.  By not resting, you interrupt the growth process and leave yourself prone to injury and illness.  By finding the balance between rest and effort you master one of the greatest spiritual lessons.

Speaking of effort, I include two days a week of CrossFit to my training.  I believe resistience exercise is a crucial part of remaining injury free.  However, I remind myself every time I step into the Box that my marathon training sets the tone. Just because I can Rx the WOD doesn’t mean I should. Scaling has become my best friend.  🙂

Here is a typical Crossfit workout.

(If none of that Crossfit lingo made any sense to you, click here. :))

So how do I know the training working?  I consistently start strong on my training days and end without feeling totally depleated (more about the roll nutrition and hydration play in this later).  This is also the furthest I have gotten into my training without injury. My level of fitness has improved. I feel it.

I’m getting stronger on God’s terms. I’m okay with that.


Runner (Photo credit: januartha)


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