The Homestretch


I just read my last post from December 8th and I had to chuckle. I stand behind that post 100% but what a difference a month makes!

My world turned upside down almost immediately after that post.  Traditionally, December is a light work load month for me. Getting in shape  is the #1 New Year resolution  so most of us in the industry wait patiently for January to arrive.  This year was different for me. My business has taken more of a health focus and health doesn’t always wait for a resolution. So… I worked my butt off in December. It was confirming, inspiring and exactly what I needed to be doing.  It was also exhausting.  Here is an article the explains what I do if you are interested. 🙂

So instead of winding down my 400 days gracefully, I found myself working, pulling off a nice holiday for my family, and fitting in my training wherever there was a pocket of time.

All smiles before a recent long run.

All smiles before a recent long run.

During <—- run, my knee gave out on me. Kinda out of the blue (I can almost always see the signs in the rear view mirror :)).  I’ll save you the details but it involved wandering off the trail and into the woods to find a suitable walking cane and  then limping back to my car for five miles. I arrived just as the sun was setting.

After my 5 mile limp out of the woods

After my 5 mile limp out of the woods

The next week I was forced to focus on stretching and recovering. I was not sure I was going to be able to walk; no less run. I considered throwing  in the towel. Far cry from my “Trusting the Training” blog post, huh?

Here is a stretch I found that is getting me through:

IT band stretch

So I continue to learn.  Here are some of December’s lessons and reminders:

I have to commit to who I am every single day.  Every mile in the case of running. Every day challenges my commitment to health. This holiday season was particularly testy. It was cold and rainy on many of my run days.  There were countless celerations that my soul NEEDED to attend.  I found myself  constantly evaluating my spirit. Was I in need of rest or was I being wimpy? Was I pushing through discomfort or in denial about injury/illness?

Some walks (runs) in life must be done alone.  Originally I had grand plans of running this race with a gang of folk.  The number has dwindled down to a handful for a variety of reasons. I have done every single long run by myself.  Not exactly the plan either.  But this is my dance. I’ve never been afraid to get on the dance floor by myself.  🙂

On that note:

This IS my experience. My rules. I typically find myself trying to consider how my decisions affect those around me. I value the opinions of those I love so much.  However, with this race I have to be self focused. I can’t adjust my runs or my diet; nor will I explain why.  No time for that. Actually, I am not explaining myself much at all these days. I also have to limit my exposure to other people’s ‘stuff’.  I trust that those who love me get it.

I know my body and I have to listen to it.  It told me when I needed to rest. It also told me when it was safe to continue to run. God is guiding me; I am sure of that.

Things are very different from what I planned.  No big  40 celebration on the books… YET.  Stay tuned!


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