Moment for Life- Turning 40 (2013 Miami ING re-cap)


Me and My Fitness Bestie

Before I let my video with my fitness BFF Dawn do most of the talking, I want to point out a few highlights from my 2013 Miami ING experience:

1) MIAMI!!! 

 I arrived four days early to hang out with my friend Paul.  The weather was perfect, the views breathtaking. The people are vibrant and diverse. The food…delicioso! Ceviche 105, My name is Dolores but you can call me Lolita, and Front Porch Cafe… I was in heaven. I arrived four days before the race and I  constantly had to remind myself that I had a race to run.  My absolute favorite city to visit.  Pure genius on my part to run my marathon there. 

2)Really Great SWAG

The t-shirt was perfect. A bright orange that screams I RAN A MARATHON! Nice. The bling was hot-mazing. It features a spinning palm tree!  I wore it on the flight home. No shame in my game.  There were tons of freebies at the Expo. They had hats, sunglasses, and sweat bands sponsored by ING and tons of freebies from vendors. 

3) Sideline Support

Nothing will probably ever compare to the love shown during the 2011 inaugural Savannah Rock-n-Roll (my hometown incidentally) but the locals in Miami were great.  Several offered oranges from zip-lock baggies. A couple even danced for us! Check it out:

Race Frustrations:

1)The huge crowd in the morning was not managed well. The corrals were not clear and were difficult to get to. 

2)The portable bathrooms were disgusting. I wish I did I not know that. But I do.  Clean toilets are really important on a race if you are unfortunate enough to need them. I think attendants should be a part of the budget. Always. Just saying.

3)The post race was anticlimactic. Granted I was not a top finisher but I had to stumble upon someone to get my medal. No bueno. 

Overall I loved this experience. Would I run Miami again? Absolutely. Just only the half next time. In any race. Pretty sure one 26.2 experience was enough for me.  Check out my video with Dawn for more details on the race and my training plan:


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