The Accidental Yogi


Toward the end of my marathon training I knew I needed to revisit yoga. I was pushing it by training for a marathon so soon after my health scare but I was stubborn  determined.  Around week 12 of the plan I started planning my apology to my body: I would commit to a yoga practice.

I hate to admit it but I started with a mindset not far off from those who see yoga as ‘a bunch of stretching’. I paid my respect when hot yoga became en vogue but as far as  traditional yoga practices were concerned… in the past, I’ve passed. Who’s got time for that?

The only thing that saved me is that my spiritual mindset is that of a yogi. I am clear on the connection between the mind, body and spirit. Somewhere deep inside I knew that a deeper connection awaited me on the other side of the finish line.

Sure enough… yoga is changing me.  For one, I can touch my toes without bending my knees.<—– major for me. 🙂  I am also stronger. Not the benching my body weight kinda of strong that I’m used to but a deeper more meaningful strength. I feel more connected to my body and more spiritually present.  Both in and out of class. Image

Are you interested in yoga but wondering how it might benefit you? Check out my instructure Hope’s page. She’s just finished a series: “40 Ways Yoga Heals”. Like her page and check it out!

One more fringe benefit of Yoga:

It does make you bendy. *giggles*

No worries… I’m keeping it PG…but I’m just sayin’. 🙂


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