To Juice or to Blend…That IS the Question! (Part 2)


In my last post, I discussed the on-going debate between juice and smoothies. Now that I’ve clearly stated my loyalty to Team Smoothie, I have to answer the question I get asked most:

Is it really necessary to spend $400 on a blender?!? Vitamix

….No and yes.

If you don’t mind chunks of kale and beets in your concoction, then no- have at it with any blender your heart desires. Otherwise…yes. Lol.

Let me explain- I share my devotion to straw-sippin’ smoothies with a strong loyalty to my favorite kitchen gadget: all hail the Vitamix! Why have I invested so much money into a blender? Let me explain.

Seriously, most regular blenders do not have a strong enough motor to break down the raw fruits and veggies that are vital to the success of the smoothie. In addition, the constant strain is more than a typical blender can handle. Frequent use of an average blender will result in not just lumpy smoothies, but also frustrated consumers who have to keep purchasing a new blender each time the kale goes down wrong.

Besides blending my drinks up as smooth as butta, the Vitamix is also extremely versatile and can make dips, soups, spreads, nut butter (HELLO homemade almond butter!), flours, dough, and sweet summer-time sorbets. Still not convinced? Every machine comes with a 5 to 7 year warranty (depending on the model), so if you do the math, your Vitamix costs less than $100/year. I think that’s a pretty fair investment for my and my family’s health. But, if Vitamix just isn’t the right fit for you now, the market has plenty of other comparable options.

Have a look at Vitamix’s closest competitor, the Blendtec. Though the price is quite similar, the technology and design is just a little bit different, taking on a sleeker design to rival the Vitamix’s classic look. The Blendtec’s refined design also makes it a bit more compact, so it takes up less counter space. Its touch screen interface speaks to those who love a more modern feel- but for what each one can actually do- it’s pretty much the same.


If you’re still looking to spend a little less money and don’t need all of the extras that the previously mentioned blenders allow, one reasonable choice is the Nutribullet. I just recently purchased this snazzy instrument and I am impressed. While the capacity makes it difficult to make large batches at a time (which is an important consideration for me), I am very happy with the smoothies it makes. When I’m in a rush, I can make a quick drink on the go. 🙂

Finally, I think everyone has heard about the Ninja. This is another tool that’s similar in price and reliability for the Nutribullet. You can buy one with a larger pitcher to make smoothies for 2-3 people, and there are many options to fit versatile needs. I would recommend doing a little extra prep work on your raw produce before throwing it into either one of these blenders though- meaning, chop ’em up a bit more and allow frozen goods to slightly thaw before the blend-off.

Whatever option you choose, be happy knowing that you are taking care of yourself with a little bit more love. Cheers- to smoothies and health!



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