Thinking About a Revolution


As a child I would watch Leave it to Beaver reruns with my mom and think why on Earth would anyone wear pearls and panty hose to cook dinner?  That made zero sense to me.  What really had me puzzled is the fact that these women seemed to do it with a smile. For real?

I wasn’t raised in the Days of Mayberry (Good Lord Aunt Bee how did you pull it all off?). I was raised in the 80’s when women felt they had a lot to prove. They fled the kitchen; tearing off their aprons and did not dare look back.  They stripped off the panty hose, donned a sensible suit, and headed to show men: “Anything you can do I can do better!”

And families started to fall apart.  Divorce rates rose as everyone was trying to bring home the bacon and nobody was there to fry it in the pan.  The pendulum swung from mothers with painted on smiles to latchkey kids.


So what has happened?

We are once again redefining what it means to be a woman.  While we value our families most, we are learning to take care of ourselves first.  Martyrdom is not classic; it’s just sad. We understand that you don’t get any extra points for throwing yourself on the sword.  Our kids need to us be role models by taking care of ourselves.

We set the tone for our families rather we work outside of the home or not.  This is a responsibility we take seriously. We realize that breastfeeding is natural and are no longer letting men (or other women for that matter) treat us like a freak show when we feed our babies.

We are also not allowing others to control our lady bits. You are entitled to your opinion but we are responsible for the bodies God entrusted us with.

We’ve each birthed 1,000 children. When a child is victimized, we weep for that child and we relate to that mother.

We are doing our research.  We want to know what is in our food.  We typically decide what our families eat and will no longer tolerate that crap in the grocery store. We are planting gardens, joining CSA, and getting to know our farmers.  Did I mention that we are not giving our families crappy food anymore?

We are turning off the TV and running 5ks with our kids.  Our husbands hold signs cheering us on from the sidelines. We are pumping iron, doing pull ups, and swinging kettle bells. We now realize that we might not be able to do it better but we will certainly make your jaw drop when we go into a deep squat while holding 100+pounds overhead. We are not doing this to impress you but let’s be honest: our strength is a turn on.

Speaking of which:

We are sexy. Damn sexy. And we are not apologizing.  We wear bikinis, form-fitting jeans, and pumps. Deal with it. We are not trying to be teenagers (who in their right mind wants to go back to that?)  but we feel good in the skin we’re in and it shows!

When I was a child watching those classic shows I thought my options were to be coiffed and miserable at home or ‘successful’ and miserable in the corporate world. Neither of which appealed to me.

Thank God we have evolved. Being a woman is exciting! Who would have thought that instead of asking if you are a member of Junior League or Jack n Jill, people would ask what Crossfit ‘box’ you go to or what cool races you’ve signed up for.

I realize this is my very special version of reality. I call it my happy place. However, I do think we are starting  a revolution of the female kind.

Care to join us?


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