A Walk Through My Local Market


The Snellville Farmers’ Market was named the best medium sized Farmers’ Market in the State (Georgia) and the 2nd in the Nation. Lucky for me, it is also within miles of my home.  A perfect summer weekend definitely includes a Saturday stroll through the market.  Please join me!


First stop: Eggs and honey. Edward Sezonov of Snellville Honey has free range eggs which are a favorite amongst shoppers. I got the last two dozen eggs! While we chatted about his jalapeno honey (it has a 3 second fire delay FYI…) and the design of his chicken coop at least a half-dozen folks came looking for eggs.  Good news he is local and sells them on site.   Edward is quite charming…he explained to me that while I was already sweet, the jalapeno honey would make me HOT! lol. Well alrighty then!

Local, raw honey has incredible health benefits and works wonders for those with seasonal allergies (my poor husband falls victim to several times a year).  It is a staple in our home. I also sampled pollen granules. Here’s what I learned today: over millions of year plants have had to compete by producing the most nutritionally complete pollen possible, because bees will go for the flowers with the best, and those plants are the ones that will survive. Time and evolution (and our friends the Bees) have ensured that when you eat pollen you are eating an extraordinary blend of nutrients, life-force, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, and more. People who consume bee pollen make claims of increased energy and libido. It also believed to aid in weight loss. I didn’t buy any today but I’ve definitely filed that information away.


My next stop was NNN &Co. Farm.  Super nice Jamaican family with some of the best vegetables available at the market (in my opinion). Being a small farm, they too, run out quickly.  I typically get okra, garlic, and scotch bonnet peppers but today the only had callaloo left. Good thing I love that too! They rinse it and cut it into strips which makes for easier cooking (greens can really be a pain to deal with!). If you have never tried callaloo, they will provide directions and a recipe.


On my way to get peaches from Person’s farm I stopped to visit with Diva’s Pit Bull Rescue.  Diva’s rescues pits from high kill shelters. A few of their foster families were at the market looking for forever homes for these oh so sweet pups. Bella, the dog hiding under the table, was really overwhelmed by all the attention. I tried my best to coax her out but she didn’t budge. Bless her heart! All donations are used directly to the vetting needs of the rescues. The foster mom in the picture explained to me that her little puppy was moments away from being put to sleep when they saved her. She is so happy and healthy! Please contact them if you are interested in fostering or donating.

During this visit I managed to get everything I need to make okra and tomato stew for Sunday dinner. I also bought some hearty oatmeal raisin cookies from True Vine Gluten Free.  Yummy! They sell their items online just in case you are drooling.


Being weighed down with bags didn’t stop me from making one last stop and King of Pops.  King of Pops has become an Atlanta area staple by making delicious gourmet ice pops. They are made with fruit and lightly sweetened with unrefined sugars. They have flavors Chocolate Sea Salt and Key Lime Pie. My pop was Blueberry Lemonade (sweetened with cane juice). See the blueberries in my teeth?

Saturday happiness at its best!


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