“May the Odds Be Forever In Your Favor” (Lunch with the Fam)



Lunch around my house is like a scene in the Hunger Games. You know the one in  which everyone races to the cornucopia to get the rations they desire most?  We are serious about eating over here! We each have our own food personality so everyone is pretty much repsonsible for their own mid-day meal. I keep the pantry stocked with agreed upon options. It’s fun shopping for all the individual food requests *insert sarcasm here*: a pescatarian, a starving athlete, a slow-carb-er, and me… an ancestral eater.


Here is what a typical lunch looks like for each of us:


Meat free

My daughter became a pescatarian a year ago. She loves animals as pets and could not see herself eating them. 😦 I respect her choice completely. She will occasionally eat seafood.. good thing we don’t have a fishtank! 


  • Jammed packed pita

        hummus, sprouts, red peppers (they don’t get soggy like tomatoes) and cucumber. 

  • Homemade greek yogurt (my husband makes it… more on that soon)
  • Fresh fruit(her favorite is strawberries)


The Starving Athlete

 In addition to the lack of nutrtionally dense food in the Cafeteria, school lunches leave my high school junior son hungry.  He takes a lunch in a brown sac and at 6 foot 4 inches, dares anyone to challenge him on it. Ha!  He covers all the food groups twice… and then again!


  • Whole wheat wrap

        chunks of chicken (I roast a whole chicken each week)

        shredded cheese and raw spinach

  • low sugar protein shake
  • Banana (to wart off muscle cramping)
  • Handful (or 3) of grapes



The Adults

So there isn’t much difference between me and my husband’s lunch options.  Here is something we might eat:

 Fish un-tacos 

  • cod seasoned with lime juice and garlic salt and pepper  

         homemade salsa

         homemade guacamole

  • 1 cup black beans (I don’t eat these)

One major change is that my diet is taking on a more Paleo appearance since I attended an amazing symposium last weekend.  I will share more of my experience soon. My family is not quite on board but I do most of the shopping and cooking so they will slowly come around. Hee hee!  

 I have to mention my college son. He has taken a stance as it relates to eating. He has appealed to be taken off the University’s meal plan. It is a requirement for those living on campus and last year it was a disaster. It did not take my son long to realize that his asthma/allergy symptoms, skin breakouts and bloated feeling were due to the crap he was limited to. He was miserable. He also felt that it affected his athletic performance (he plays soccer for the school). While the control I have over his eating is now limited to my quarterly contribution from Costco, it is comforting to know that  I have influenced his level of awareness. Many adults feel horrible for years and don’t make the connection that it’s the food they are eating! I’m glad he is learning this lesson early, I’m also glad I got a bit of a pat on the back. 😉 




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