Challenge Accepted


The Detox Challenge is well underway.  While I am happy to report that these ladies are doing amazing… the start was a little bumpy.

It wasn’t my intention but I could sense the “This is NOT what I signed up for!” tension in the air. Ruh Roh.  I should have seen that coming. Although I told them this would be a detox experience unlike any other, I didn’t explain what that meant. I mean, I was confident in my approach but if I had actually told them : My goals are to change the way to you look at food,   Make you eat foods you swear you wouldn’t and Have you in the kitchen getting excited about produce. Yeah I don’t think there would have a whole lot of excitement surrounding that!

For most, detox diets are based on miserably committing to eat something or abstain from something for a set period of time.  We are all familiar with the Lemonade Diet :three- ten days of lemon juice, grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Or the Liver flush complete with drinking things like olive oil, garlic and epsom salt. Bleh… who thinks of these things? And why on Earth do we do this to our body? While I’m no Beyonce, I’ve done it all too. My 20’s and early 30’s were riddled with ‘get cleaned out quick’ schemes. I’d be really irritable and cranky for a few days but I would emerge feeling lighter and leaner…until I started eating crap again.

One of the current crazes is to use supplements and drinks to Detox. While I think supplements have their place, It is not necessary to use them to give the body a break from the way we currently eat which is SAD (standard american diet). Nor is it necessary to starve yourself while you work to restore the gut.

What it takes is food.

Well thought out, planned foods that are known to pack a powerful macronutrient balance and supply high does antioxidants and probiotics. And fiber. Fiber is real important. 🙂

So that’s what I set out to do. Organize a detox unlike any other I’ve experienced. One full of food; vibrant, beautiful food and plenty of it.

We started out detaching ourselves from well established and harmful eating habits. They handled that plenty well.

Then came the food they could eat. This where things got a little… testy.  I assure you it was detailed and varied; I worked very hard to create a comprehensive list of great food. The problem is, much of it they had never handled no less eaten.  “You are expecting me to eat just this?” Yes I was. And they would come to thank me for it.

What I knew that they didn’t is that I absolutely love food. I love to cook and I love to eat. The way to my heart is definitely begins in my belly.  As a result. I refuse to eat food that does not taste good. Period. I gave them tons of recipe options designed to heal the gut while tasting yummy. They couldn’t see at first but once they started tasting they were hooked ;).

God has provided us with so many delicious options… naturally.  Vegetables and fruit actually taste good. Really really good. The problem is that we are disconnected from what REAL food taste like.  Think about it: How much of what most folks eat is fresh? Frozen, boxed, canned… all ways of life in our culture.  As a result things are overly salted, drenched in sugar and loaded with bad fat. All in an effort to mask the fact that we are eating food ‘products’ not food. The result: we think we do not like REAL food.

Through this Challenge I’ve set out to change that those entrusted to me with this go ’round. We’ve examined real food and why your body needs it. We discussed our bad habits and how good it feels to let them go… even if for only 21 days.  And we’ve whined and complained and lamented like school girls. It’s been loads of fun.


for the love of veggies

I’ve seen major breakthroughs.

Here are some outtakes from our group:

“I do like Green Tea and Kale. I do, I do….thank you Sag-I-Am”

“I’ve already lost 4.8 lbs since I’ve started on Saturday”

“Food I once “hated”, I am loving. I am still not a fan of beets, but I do LOVE onions and peppers now (well sweet peppers).” 

“I love this style of eating. I will be looking for a vegetarian cookbook soon. I may add turkey and grilled chicken but not like before.”

 “They say it takes 21 days to break a habit. I am trying to replace those bad habits with good ones. I don’t want to use the word deprived….cause we r not. But I don’t want bad food choices to be the bad boyfriend that I kept around when he should have been kicked to the curb a long time ago”

“I am ONLY buying ORGANIC. Organic is pricey, but then life is priceless, this is my new motto.”

“I find my appetite has decreased.”

“Ran a 10k and had energy throughout the race”

“I don’t know if I lost weight but I feel like a million bucks. I don’t feel bloated and I can work out hard without having eaten meat. I’ve learned a lot so far but what I’ve learned most is that the commercial teaching in health and wellness is wrong..way wrong. Everything is time-weight based, “lose 10 lbs in 5 sec”…”get bikini ready in 8 weeks…flatten your tummy in 3 days with these easy tricks… It’s a bit fat juicy lie. I went to Publix to get my husband some Cheetos. Yup he sent me to get Cheetos – but I looked at the store differently. All these beautiful brightly colored packages full of non food. Now friends I’m not saying I’ll never eat a chip again..maybe a tortilla chip but I am saying this entire experience is of the mind which results in change of the body.”

Love. It. All.

April has done an amazing job of helping these ladies tap into the mental/emotional/spiritual side of things.  Those of us who do this work know that it is largely mental. Her prescribed  yoga moves and guided meditation round out the experience.  Her inspiration and loving support provides balance to my ‘dictatorship’ (yeah I was referred to as such early on- told you it got ugly lol) Another pleasant surprise gone terribly right. 🙂

I am so impressed with these ladies. Most have stayed the course. They took the early licks like champs and offer encouragement and enthusiasm to each other every day. I always say I learn just as much (if not more) from my clients as they do from me. This group is no exception. A real class act.

In personal news:

I am cleansing right alongside these ladies and I feel amazing. Although I don’t regret the pound cake, I am happy to be back on track with an eating style that works best for my body. CrossFit is on hold and I have taken up Reformer Pilates. I chose pilates for a number of reasons but three come to mind immediately: 1) my concern about disease progression in my joints/muscoskeletal system 2) who doesn’t want to look like a dancer? and 3) The instructor has a sign in her studio that says “All the hotties take Pilates”. A direct quote from her husband. Sold. 🙂

As always Jan is up for a challenge so we are taking classes together. She’s been doing mat pilates for years. I’ve dabbled here and there but the contraptions (reformer, cadillac, etc…) is new to us both. We love it. Check out our moves:


Well… one move but isn’t it a beaut!


12 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted

  1. Tatiana

    I am so thankful that I stopped scrolling on FB and joined the group. I have been wanting to learn how to “eat clean” for a while, but had no idea where to start. I am seeing amazing things going on with my body, inches, weight, skin clarity!!! Kinda scared though for what happens after the 21 days.

  2. Rebecca

    I love love Reformer Pilates!!! I now want to teach it one day. Now back to the real subject at hand, this detox. I don’t know why but I’ve trusted you from day 1. I have enjoyed the process. I was on vacation when we first started but I didn’t sweat it I ate what ever but on that 4th day when I was back home I gave up days 1-4 so that I was on track, the recipes that I’ve tried have been good, so good that I haven’t been able to move on to others because I’m enjoying the first 3 I tried so much. I even doubled my soup recipe. Eating is my issue I love being active so that’s not my issue at all. I need to adapt a healthy way of dealing with food. I need to do things in a way that I live my life actively and with putting good things in my body that way when I have the chocolate cookies with pecans that my step father makes for me and is offended when I don’t eat, that I don’t feel guilty because I love life in balance! Thank you for everything that you have provided!!

  3. Nickie

    I must say that I was intimidated at first with the challenge but Sagdrina and April are the right ones for this challenge. They are both really good at what they do and are always willing to offer help and guidance. The blog is on point. Please continue to share your gift.

  4. Amy Almas

    I am unbelievably happy that I decided to do the detox. The first few days, I admit, were tough. I had to give up my beloved caffeine and my chicken and fish. I am happy that I tried new vegetables and I liked most of them. Never thought that my “go to” snack would be kale chips. I no longer crave the chocolate and fatty foods that I did before the detox began. Sagdrina has been so supportive through this adventure and I am very grateful for this experience.

  5. Tricia Blake

    Awesome sauce! More awesome than awesome. My parents have been in town since January 13th and they decided to join me on this journey. It’s been fun and interesting to say the least. They have joked that I have been starving them but they have enjoyed all the recipes and the experience. In fact, both my parents were bragging about how much roomier their pants felt, less bloat, being able to sleep better, etc. I knew I had converts when they would start to ask me about the benefits of certain foods, ex: kale, beets, avocado, fennel seeds, parsley, green smoothies, etc. after we were done eating a particular meal. For me, getting a better understanding of the foods and their nutrients and how they benefit the body has been invaluable learning. I surprisingly have a new found appreciation for beets. I haven’t crossed over to the dark side and am completely convinced but I can say roasted beets were delissshhhh!!The whole experience as a whole has been invaluable. Sagdrina has been incredibly supportive and is the absolute best. Put April into the mix and there completes the awesome sauce! The Dynamic Duo on this Detox Challenge. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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