Butter In my Coffee


So we are at the stage in the Detox Challenge where I let them choose what they want to reintroduce into their diet… in a healthier way.

First on most folks list:


looks like milk but it's butta baby!

looks like milk but it’s butta baby!

I always feel guilty about taking away people’s coffee. I have a coffee ritual that is painfully interrupted when I do a Detox. Painful for anyone who crosses my path.  But, I find it beneficial to pause and take a close look at my relationship with Java and even elevate it a bit. 🙂

Drinking coffee is a personal decision. Some people argue that caffeine is bad (can be harmful for your adrenals)  others argue it is good for you (my kids’ pediatrician swears by it as a ADHD treatment)… I’m going to let them debate… while I enjoy a cup of brew. Read the positions, listen to your body and decide for yourself.

While I feel strongly about drinking coffee I do have standards. Standards that I revisit and elevate typically around the time of my cleanse.

My rules:

I only drink one cup of coffee a day. By one cup I mean 10-12 ounces, one container. Ha!

I only buy organic coffee.  Non-organic coffee is heavily sprayed with pesticides

I only buy fairly traded coffee. It is important to me that farmers are treated with respect.

I buy beans and grind them every morning. Well I buy the beans and my husband grinds them. Pre-ground stuff is a no-no around here. We wouldn’t even consider instant. The Thought makes me shiver!  Coffee is an experience (I learned that from my days as a Starbuck’s barista) The best part of waking up isn’t Folgers in your cup but it is the smell of fresh cracked coffee brewing!

How I make it:

10-12 ounces of freshly brewed coffee

1 tablespoons of Pure ghee

1 tablespoon coconut oil

(you can use butter alone but only organic and grassfed or it is gross!)

A sprinkle of cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon of vanilla

Blend in my Vitamix for 30 seconds.

Now let me explain:

I met the wonderful couple who make PURE Ghee at the Ancestral Health Symposium and they were sampling their product with coffee. It was delicious but I needed to do my research and determine a  fit  for it in my diet. Bear in mind this conference was for Paleo/ Westin Price type folks and they have a bring on the fat mentality. I haven’t quit made that leap but I do recognize the benefits of coconut oil and ghee particularly for auto immune peeps like me. As a matter of fact, I believe that many disorders we experience today have been aggravated by the low-fat diet craze days.  Fat does not make you fat. Too much sugar does. It also causes inflammation and cancer cell growth. Am I Paleo? Not much. I eat primarily vegetables and fruit and I also eat legumes and beans.  I am not big on grains although I eat brown rice and quinoa occasionally (typically when training hard).  I eat meat (I reach for lean cuts of organic, cage free, free range and grass fed options) but not as a rule. I eat dairy occasionally: organic, full fat and raw when possible.  I  pull from vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and anti-inflammatory mindsets.  I like to say that I am a pescaterian with Paleo tendencies. 🙂

Basically, I don’t eat crap.

My coffee fits into my plan because of this very important fact.

It is my first meal of the day and because of the fat, I am satisfied for at least 2 hours. I also have tons of energy (coconut oil is a known metabolism booster) and focus throughout my morning. I am not a morning person but my kids and clients don’t seem to care about that.   So my coffee keeps everybody happy. 🙂

Coffee is not a dessert and therefore I do not  add sugar.  I know adding anything to coffee is a faux pas for a coffee snob connoisseur; I live with one. He believes coffee should be served one way: black and in huge quantities. He also comes from generations of  rancher stock. Cattlemen and women. I’m just not on that level.

Why put coffee in the Vitamix?

Because I when I mixed it with our blending I was left with clumps of the butter/ghee blend at the end. I realized that it needs to emulsify.  Blending it also infuses the other flavors and makes it frothy. I also aprrecitate that the Vitamix keeps it hot!

So there you have it.

Oh and it takes me about 1 minute to make.

How do you take your coffee?


2 thoughts on “Butter In my Coffee

  1. So, I did graduate from *gasp* instant 😉 but I’m still trying to wean myself of off the dessert drink 😦 I would love to try your recipe. My excuse is that I typically only have 1 cup per day, but as I continue on my ‘best self’ journey, it’s time that I start reducing the sugar. Thank you!

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